Demos har nyligen producerat en uppsättning scenarier som kikar in i framtiden ur ett rekryteringsperspektiv. De fyra scenarierna är:

  1. Choice utopia – disruptive technology and employee-driven market.
  2. If you find it, it’s yours – incremental progress in technology and employee-driven market
  3. Take what you can get – incremental progress in technology and an employer-driven market
  4. Don’t call us, we’ll call you – disruptive technological progress and an employer-driven market and employee-driven market

En av slutsatserna lyder:

Whatever the scenario, one thing is clear — recruitment will continue to be an intensely competitive business. Clients, wanting the best possible service on the most efficient terms, will demand tighter accountability and evidence that third parties can deliver greater value for money rather than just reduced cost. The industry can lead here by taking two important steps. First, by tracking retention levels after making placements, in order to demonstrate impact. Second, by driving a shift towards accountable advertising online, where money follows success in directing candidates towards job information. – Foretelling future predictions

Artikeln slutar med ett intressant och tänkvärt citat av Stewart Brand om värdet av scenarioplanering:

As the technologist Stewart Brand argues: “Scenario planning ensures that you are not always right about the future, but — better — that you are almost never wrong.”

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