Which is the most important parameter for the future of humanity?

It is easy to believe that the future is a consequence of a number of external driving forces. Just for the overview, we can collect them under the headlines Social factors (soc), Technological factors (tech), Economical Factors (econ), Ecological Factors (ecol) and Political Factors (pol). If we describe it as a mathematical function for how the society of tomorrow (SofT) will turn it might look like this

SofT = f(soc, tech, econ, ecol, pol)

Unfortunately, this is completely misguided and even completely wrong. The most important parameter is missing: our own approach to what is unfolding. Our approach will frame how we see what is happening, how we react to it, which choices we make and will consequently have more impact on the future than all the other factors.

If our approach is A the mathematical function look like:

SofT = A * f(soc, tech, econ, ecol, pol)

And herein lies the greatest challenge. If our approach to the future is the most important factor, we need to have more conversations about what we want with our societies and organizations.

This especially true in postnormal, complex and uncertain times. It is very clear that our own approach and our choices are what will have the greatest ramification on our future.