The folly of digitalization strategy

A digitalization strategy is dangerous and mainly wrong approach.


Because it draws the attention to today’s models, structures and systems and how they can change and become digital.

And why is that wrong?

Just ask yourself these questions:

  • Would the bookstores have survived if they pursued a digitalization strategy?
  • Would the newspaper industry thrive if they succeeded with a digitalization strategy?
  • Would the film developing industry have boomed if they just pursued a digitalization strategy?
  • Would the video rental business kept up with a digitalization strategy?

No, of course they wouldn’t. But they might have had better chances to survive if they understood how digitalization changed the world around them. And if that insight could help them letting go of their obsolete assumptions and identify where the new potential for value creation will be tomorrow. Then, they would at least have a chance to develop a relevant strategy in order to transform themselves.

What companies need for the future is not a digitalization strategy, but a broader overview and insight of what is happening and a strategy for meeting a world that is transformed by the tsunami of digitalization – a strategy for the future and not for the past.