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Juan Enriquez on the difficult ethical challenges during accelerating technological change

Morale and ethics are important to us. It is what glues societies together. But what happens when technologies transform the logical framing underpinning our ethical rules – of what we believe is right or wrong? Juan Enriquez is in this video talking about an extremely important issue,  the challenges of future ethics in times of continuous technological change.

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The folly of digitalization strategy

A digitalization strategy is dangerous and mainly wrong approach.


Because it draws the attention to today’s models, structures and systems and how they can change and become digital.

And why is that wrong?

Just ask yourself these questions:

  • Would the bookstores have survived if they pursued a digitalization strategy?
  • Would the newspaper industry thrive if they succeeded with a digitalization strategy?
  • Would the film developing industry have boomed if they just pursued a digitalization strategy?
  • Would the video rental business kept up with a digitalization strategy?
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The possible long term potential of Blockchain

What is Blockchain and what are the possible consequences for the future?
Blockchain is the key innovation behind the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and have lately come in focus almost everywhere. Blockchain itself can be described as a technology with the ability to displace the need for other (e g human, legal, governmental…) layers of trust between any numbers of globally distributed endnodes. We can compare it to how e-mail and messaging is displacing the need for mailmen and postal services. Or putting it another way: it is a global distributed platform for implementing algorithm based trust relations.

Ok, but what does all this mean for the world in the longer term?

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It is our stories, not technologies, that shape our future

We are drowning in news about new technologies every day. Technologies that are solving difficult problems as well as opening new possibilities. It is easy to see them as the most powerful forces transforming our world. But we forget one important aspect. We perceive these technologies through the stories of our time. These stories are much more important factors shaping our future than any technology. It is the stories by which we explain ourselves, our situation, our role in the world and our future that determine our thinking decisions.

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Uncertainty foster trust

When I hold lectures and speeches about the future I have recently built the talks around the concept of “transition society” as an framing image. It is really hard not to overemphasize the increasing uncertainty and turbulence during this transition and quite often I get the question about if I…

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Nine areas of change, which are “rewinding” our society (to the Middle Ages)?

Since we can trace the birth of many of our defining concept of this society back to the end of the middle ages, why not try to mirror what is happening today in how the world looked like then? Here is X things that I have collected which sometimes seems to be rewinded: Organizing The decline of the nation state as the dominant organizing principle Hierarchical structures are challenged by the open spaces and market way of organizing things – innovation Knowledge and world view Increasingly relativistic view of knowledge – broadcasting model is challenged and is losing it’s politically and socially defining qualities The decline of the idea of a better future – the idea of progress The text-based knowledge society is challenged by a world of verbally told stories and images Breakdown of the quantitative perspective and re-emergence of a qualitative world view and geographical perspective – death of distance, valuing the people and the experience of a specific place without so much romancing about how far away it is from home’ Re-emergence of the risk society – the world out there is a dangerous place and we need to be protected Value creation Re-emergence of a non money value exchange systems – open source, make, prosumtion Break down of the immaterial ownership logic, where   

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Have you seen “Did You Know 3.0”?

A pretty good way of asking: Where are technology taking us? via YouTube – 2008 Latest Edition – Did You Know 3.0 – From Meeting in Rome this Year.

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