Scenario for technology future in Northeast Ohio

What will the technology future look like for Northeast Ohio in 2020? NorTech the Northeast Ohio Technology Coalition, have, together with GBN organized an ambitious regional scenario project.

Read about the project in Sys-Con Media article

Over 130 leaders within technology and innovation were invited to a large-scale workshop. This lead to a number of strategic planning workshops, the TechFutures website with the resulting scenarios and a blog.

The critical uncertainties in the resulting scenarios are:

  • What impact will technology and business innovation (world-wide) have on Northeast Ohio during the next ten years? Will we see a technology and business environment characterized by rapid, radical, disruptive change in technologies, competitors, or business models? Or will change happen more incrementally, with business models, technologies and new competitors emerging in a steadier, more recognizable fashion?
  • What kind of leadership will we have during this period? Will our regional, civic, and economic leadership come mostly from established, traditional, top-down figures and organizations, or will the next ten years see regional, civic, and economic leadership emerging from more surprising, distributed, non-traditional “bottom-up” sources?