Who is P A Martin Börjesson?

I am a Swedish creative analyst, strategist and a futurist working in my own company www.futuramb.se.

Early in life, I realized I had a much broader range of interests than what was possible to pursue in school. I jumped from computer science to physics, to philosophy to the social sciences and further.

My main driving force today is to learn more about how the world is changing and try to advise organizations how to act in order to respond to these changes.

Both in my futurist and strategist lines of work I develop methods and models to help individuals and organizations to understand what is going on outside their day to day perspective. I am convinced that even if we cannot foresee how the future will play out, asking the deeper questions and act wisely is crucial. Otherwise, we will fall victims to strategies coloured by ignorance, fear or denial which in times of fundamental change is a very dangerous path to thread.

My belief is that we clearly are in a transition period between two fundamentally different organizing paradigms. Two very different societies. This is causing a lot of turbulence. Some describe it as the postnormal times, a period when almost all the orthodoxies of the industrial era have broken down, but we have not yet replaced them with new ones.

The turbulence lure us to be even more short-sighted and to react on instinct. I believe we have to do the opposite. In times of turbulence and chaos, it is more important than ever that we know ourselves and our aspirations. And based on that insight take a longer view in order to navigate the sea of chaos.

Since late 1990:s I have been working with a lot of different tools from both the domain of foresight and strategy.

  • Scenario planning
  • Business Idea modelling
  • Visual facilitation

My work experience

  • Internet pioneer at Volvo in the late 80:s and early 90:s
  • Technology Watcher at Volvo IT
  • Assistant technical attaché for the Swedish Office of Science & Technology in San Francisco
  • Strategist and futures thinker at Volvo Car Corporation
  • Consultant with strategy and scenario planning in the entrepreneurial realm at Carlstedt Research & Technology
  • Network member of Fluidminds Business Revolutionaries
  • Director of Foresight to Insight at Knowit Business Growth AB

My academic connection today consists of that I occasionally teach scenario planning at the Department of Applied IT at University of Göteborg and Chalmers .

I am also a member of WFSF – World Futures Studies Federation.

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