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To increase the value of this blog I might copy the idea of catching what I find valueble and comment very briefly on it once in a while. Lets see how it goes.

Future of massmedia
 Wp-Content Nytchart
An interesting and though provoking post by Michael Arrington pointing back to what is happening with mass media’s role.

In Davos last week the media seemed to heavily cover the media discussions there, and so was Don Tapscott. It is an interesting discussion about the [mass] media company’s future, because things seems to be shaking pretty bad now. Especially when a panel consisting of among others Paul Saffo and Peter Schwartz predict the death of the print newspaper in 2014.

Rising food prices

More and more factors seems to do the same thing – boost the food price. Previous analysis of the food price development thinks it will rise and plateau on a new but higher level. I, on the contrary, think there is a food chance that we will see much more instability in food prices for exactly the same reasons that we have been having fluctuating oil prices for some years – the gap between supply and demand will shrink and create much more instability. And together with all other instability due to climate effects and other non-linear effects which are increasing in a more connected world it will be a real ride for some time come. At least until the system have found another equilibrium in 30 years or so… So hang on!

[To those of you who wan’t to read some more about the rising food prices, there are very few recent articles available on the net, but here are a couple:

Digitalization of the analog world

Invisible to most people RFID technology is very soon starting to invade our world in big number and will have effects in many areas, even if these effects are hard to understand the ramifications of now.

Another technology for digitizing the analog world is the 2D “bar”-codes called QR Code, which have been very popular in Japan for quite some time. Now Google seems to have included them in one of the plans for world domination.

Others looking for trends and further

An article in Wall Street Journal about how technology will change the way we shop, learn and entertain ourselves.

Following up last year’s success of drawing a beautiful trend-map based on the London tube map, Ross Dawson present a new map for 2008+ derived from Shanghai underground routes.

FringHog have collected links to five technology road maps – Metaverse Roadmap, DARPA Tech 2007, EURON Roboethics Roadmap, Technology Roadmap for Productive Nanosystems and Microsoft’s Toward 2020 Science. Go and dig deeper!

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