Is tracking our own “micro changes” key to our future security?

A new AI-enabled pilot project aims to sense “micro changes” in the behavior of people with top-secret clearances. If it works, it could be the future of corporate HR.

Source: The US Military Is Creating the Future of Employee Monitoring

The future of HR? Don’t you mean the future of human societies??

When the military is developing a system to track someones behavioral changes on a micro level it is for security purposes – to detect breaches of trust. If we connect this to what some Chinese companies are already doing to their labor force the possibilities of for HR purposes are obvious. It is pretty easy to argue that you are not really trust-worthy if we are not allowed to track your behavior.

I think the problem is much bigger than the trust between an employee and his or her employer. Isn’t it basically the same relation between a citizen and the city or state?

Because of the technological explosion, we are experiencing an exponential increase in how large impact a single individual can have on his or her surrounding. We are now rapidly heading towards a point when a single person can wield the capacity to kill millions of people, if not billions. Maybe not by setting off a bomb, but eg by orchestrating a cyberattack turning off the electricity in a city or a country for weeks, or by designing and spreading a new pandemic or maybe engineering a cloud of rapidly spreading and nanobots or…

Today this still requires certain collaboration, knowledge, and skills. But the exponential technology curves tells us is that is rapidly changing.

One reason this hasn’t already happened is most likely due to that our national security measures have been largely effective.

But what measures can we as a society deploy to curb these dramatically increasing risks? When this power is in the hand of individuals, who might trigger it when they for some reason become angry or suicidal?

Is the next step to meet this threat to track what is happening in our individual brains? Do we need to deploy a system to track the “micro changes” of every citizen??

If it isn’t what are the alternatives?

We can talk about is as a theoretical risk, but it will very soon become a very real political discussion. So thinking about it today is really important.