Hamel starts Managment Innovation Lab

Innovation is probably the hottest buzzword these days. The reason isn’t hard to see when everybody is pushing their limits and a the same time has more competition than ever.

The guru Gary Hamel is author of severel influential management books, is running his own consulting firm Strategos and teaches at London Business school. His latest book Leading the Revolution is arguing for the innovative and revolutionary qualities of strategic management. The main purpose with strategic thinking then becomes to break traditional patterns and use the resources in an innovative way. He argues that the only way to succeed in todays more competitive business is to be unorthodox and find the new revolutionary path which no one else is able to follow.

The natural next step in this direction is of course to start a management innovation lab which creates opportunities for thinking people in management positions and academia to meet and examine and ponder about old management methods and invent new ones.

An idea which is definitely worth stealing. If someone is interested I would gladly be involved and organize a similar activity in the West Coast of Sweden.

Read article about Hamels Managment Innovation Lab idea in Business Week