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Category: Strategy perspective

Important issues about strategy and the changing business environment

Where are the horizontal thinkers going? To the quality departments!!

There have been an interesting low intensity conversation about horizontal or complex thinking. (See e g Zenpundit post 1 and post 2, Enterprise Resilience blog post, Mapping Strategy blog post, Eide Neurolearning blog post as well as deeper analysis by Thomas P.M. Barnett. I believe this touch on a terribly…

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Maslow turned upside down?

Sometimes I feel like we all live in an upside down world. When preparing a lecture I suddenly saw something that could illustrate this. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs have been important for how social scientists and others have been looking at our society. If things really are upside down, why…


Worldchanging through images is getting focus again, and this time by using catchy videos. I am usually teaching, talking and consulting around scenarios, and how they have the potential of changing the world. Go to the campaign site and look at the film! I think of the film Koyaanisqatsi and sequels…

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How the West is reacting to the Muhammed cartoon protests

After reading articles and blogs about the protests I would argue that the West’s greatest enemy here is not the Islamic fundementalist movement but our own fundamental inability to understand that “common sense” is also a biased perspective. If you think common sense is a better, higher or more fundamental…

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