Does foresight render the future irrelevant?

For the last year or so most of my involvements in foresight activities in organizations seems to have different results than before. More often than not they are putting the focus back to fundamental issues about internal organizational issues. In some sense the results tell me: "Don't fiddle around asking questions about the future! Focus … Continue reading Does foresight render the future irrelevant?

Forecasting and Fermi problems

The other day a friend unexpectedly referred to Fermi problems (attributed to the famous physicist Enrico Fermi). I am the one who once (in ancient times) studied mathematics and physics and he is a marketing /advertising guy so I was a bit surprised. When realizing in what way he used the notion of Fermi problems … Continue reading Forecasting and Fermi problems

Michael Raynor falls in the gap

Update: This post is adjusted since I attributed some of the answers to Guy Kawasaki and not Michel Raynor who actually answered the questions. Today Art Hutchinson pointed me to Guy Kawasakis blog and the post on Michael Raynor's book The Strategy Paradox called How to Change the World: Ten Questions With Michael Raynor. It … Continue reading Michael Raynor falls in the gap

Visualization Periodic Table

Wow!! For me being a complex and visual thinker it was really amazing to find a site which collects so many visualization techniques in one page. I see it as a really valuable tool when working with scenario planning project are looking for ways to present the data to explain the relation behind driving forces … Continue reading Visualization Periodic Table

Challenges for open source scenario planning

After reflecting a while about Jamais' idea about open source scenario planning and after reading Art Hutchinson's comments about some difficulties I thought I should add some of my reflections about problems an open source approach could face. After having teached scenario planning for several years, as well as being involved in several scenario projects … Continue reading Challenges for open source scenario planning

Open source scenario planning

As creative as ever, Jamais Cascio are following the Open Source line of thinking and applies it to the concept of scenario planning. (And refers to my humble page and scribblings about scenario planning <defunct> along the way...) Really intriguing idea for a collective open source scenario generating process. Read about the idea at Jamais's … Continue reading Open source scenario planning

Scenario for technology future in Northeast Ohio

What will the technology future look like for Northeast Ohio in 2020? NorTech the Northeast Ohio Technology Coalition, have, together with GBN organized an ambitious regional scenario project. Read about the project in Sys-Con Media article Over 130 leaders within technology and innovation were invited to a large-scale workshop. This lead to a number of … Continue reading Scenario for technology future in Northeast Ohio