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Noticing and commenting driving forces

Researchers show that global democracy really is slipping

Most observers of global political development would probably just nod at this. There definitely seems to be a pattern: Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin,  Xi Jinping, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Victor Orbán to just mention the most obvious ones. 

But recently two Swedish researchers went one step further and provides us with numbers, or at least graphs. According to Anna Lührmann and Staffan I Lindberg’s article A third wave of autocratization is here: what is new about it? we are right now in the third wave of autocratization.

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Juan Enriquez on the difficult ethical challenges during accelerating technological change

Morale and ethics are important to us. It is what glues societies together. But what happens when technologies transform the logical framing underpinning our ethical rules – of what we believe is right or wrong? Juan Enriquez is in this video talking about an extremely important issue,  the challenges of future ethics in times of continuous technological change.

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The City – the mother of all sharing platforms

city-1057678_1280The cities of the planet are growing in both numbers and influence. United Nations predicts that in 2050 about 66% of the human population on this planet will not live in rural but in urban areas. Comparing this to 30% in 1950 the global rate by which the cities are growing is amazing. In Sweden, where I live, the urbanized part of the population today is 86% and is predicted to rise to 90% in 2050 i e 9 out of 10 people are soon living in cities in Sweden. For a country which was late into the industrialization and urbanization game this shift is quite extraordinary even if it currently being dwarfed by many fast urbanizing countries outside the West.

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The possible long term potential of Blockchain

What is Blockchain and what are the possible consequences for the future?
Blockchain is the key innovation behind the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and have lately come in focus almost everywhere. Blockchain itself can be described as a technology with the ability to displace the need for other (e g human, legal, governmental…) layers of trust between any numbers of globally distributed endnodes. We can compare it to how e-mail and messaging is displacing the need for mailmen and postal services. Or putting it another way: it is a global distributed platform for implementing algorithm based trust relations.

Ok, but what does all this mean for the world in the longer term?

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Have you seen “Did You Know 3.0”?

A pretty good way of asking: Where are technology taking us? via YouTube – 2008 Latest Edition – Did You Know 3.0 – From Meeting in Rome this Year.

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