Cartoon protests mirrored in the digital domain

As expected muslim hackers are active and mirroring the protest in the digital world. Roberto Preatoni from reports about and lists hundreds of sites been attacked, and the attacks seems to be continuing.

This is just a confirmation that the digital world is just another plattform for our social activities. I commented about this in my blog post The future of Internet is social re-organization where I also noted that wide spread catastrophs caused Internet connected people to organize and collaborate in new ways creating new adaptive and long lasting connections and structures. The enabling tools and platforms was the new social software like, wikis, wikipedia, blogs and rss.

The learning effect which could be seen from the catastrophs last year was that the learning from previous ad hoc efforts was that people were much faster in reacting and organizing the next time. The structures of wikis, blogs and people just re-awakened and slightly readjusted to support the next global rescue mission. The network shows that it is adaptive and learns all the time.

Regardless what the effects from these digital and analog protests from the Muslim world will be, we can be sure that the Muslim digital network of wikis, blogs and people will be better organized next time. In the digital connected society few activites can be repeated, they are instead dress rehearsals for the next event which is different but will be handled better of the learning network.