Back from the dead!

Rising from the grave

If you still are having this blog in your RSS-stream or elsewhere I think I owe you an explanation of the disappearance of this blog. It did NOT mean that I stopped working with future related things. This blog, and the whole of my site was unfortunately hacked, and I had to remove everything and start all over. I fixed my Swedish counterpart of this site which was the most important for as most of my work is taking place in Sweden. Anf this have been dragging ever since…

But now I am back!

If somebody is still here, why don’t you throw me a comment?

4 thoughts on “Back from the dead!”

  1. Hi, and thanks for answering, Simon! I don’t actually know, but I think I remember the guys from my web hotel was mentioning a certain issue. The reason was of course that I had been slow in updating the WordPress version…

    But now (three years later) I am back again!!

  2. Hi, i honestly can’t remember why i have your site in my RSS feed 😉
    but i’m glad you managed to fix the problem.

  3. 😀

    Thanks for answering anyway! Any feedback signals that I at least exist in the world…

    Now it is my responsibility to fill this empty vessel with something that somebody else cares about!

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