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P A Martin Börjesson

_R022807-3 kopia 4I am a Swedish creative analyst, strategist and futurist. Early in life I became interested in several different areas ranging from computer science, to physics, to philosophy to the social sciences. Today my main driving force is simply to understand and explain how the world is changing and how we ought to act to respond to these changes.

Both in my futurist and strategist lines of work I develop methods and models that I hope can help individuals and organisations understanding the current change and react in smart and responsible way. I am convinced that even if we cannot see clearly how the future will play out taking the longer view, asking the deeper questions and act accordingly is crucial. Otherwise we will fall victim to strategies coloured by ignorance, fear or denial which in times of fundamental change is a very dangerous path. My view is that we clearly are in a transition period between two fundamentally different organizing paradigms, and radical and long term change will be the name of the game for some time to come.

Since the late 1990:s I have been working with scenario thinking and have gradually increased my toolbox with other futurists tools.

My previous experience

My academic connection since many years is as industrial Ph D Student at the Department of Applied IT at University of Göteborg and Chalmers where I teach scenario planning and strategy regularly. I also teach innovation IHM Business School.

I am also a member of WFSF - World Futures Studies Federation.

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