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Back from the dead!

Rising from the grave

If you still are having this blog in your RSS-stream or elsewhere I think I owe you an explanation of the disappearance of this blog. It did NOT mean that I stopped working with future related things. This blog, and the whole of my site was unfortunately hacked, and I had to remove everything and start all over. I fixed my Swedish counterpart of this site which was the most important for as most of my work is taking place in Sweden. Anf this have been dragging ever since…

But now I am back!

If somebody is still here, why don’t you throw me a comment?

Happy New Year!


In uncertain times it is more important than ever to wish each other a Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to you all!!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

At least a twitter flow by


If you find this blog slow in updating, why not try The Futuramb Daily, which is published daily and is automatically generated from my Twitter stream.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year (decade)


A combined Christmas card and a reminder about that the future comes from an different direction than where you look!.

Going to LIFT08 this week


In order to learn and develop I am going to LIFT08 this week. No, I am not invited and will not speak there so it’s just for learning and meeting interesting people. LIFT08 really seems to be an unique event for meeting people to discuss how technology is changing our society.

If some of you reading my blog will be there, please contact me! I would really appreciate to meet you over a beer or coffee!!