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How the West is reacting to the Muhammed cartoon protests

After reading articles and blogs about the protests I would argue that the West's greatest enemy here is not the Islamic fundementalist movement but our own fundamental inability to understand that "common sense" is also a biased perspective. If you think common sense is a better, higher or more fundamental way of reasoning you are completely lost when confronted by a person or a group which thinks are claiming to have a more fundamental and true belief. A common sense and pragmatic down-to-earth perspective is very often blind when it comes to perceiving more symbolic or collective values.

Futurist Eamonn Kelly puts it like this when he write about weaknesses in the secular model in his new book Powerful Times: Rising to the Challenge of Our Uncertain World:

The complexity, connectedness and volatility of the world today require us to amplify our comfort with ambiguity, tolerance of difference, and openness to alternative interpretations.Yet our embedded forms of secular reasoning sometimes stand in the way of this. The secular world-view is built upon reason and "truth" discovered through scientific methods and debate. This rationalist model has little tolerance for ambiquity or doubt; indeed it tends to be structured around a crisp "either/or" logic through which ambiguities can be conclusively resolved one way or another.

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